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Home Automation Solutions
Highlands Electric offers home automation solutions customized to fit each client’s specific requirements. We provide cost-effective standalone packages or full featured systems designed to manage and protect your home and property. Home automation can improve your personal media and entertainment experience, reduce seasonal energy usage and caretaking costs, or simply provide piece of mind for part-time residents through secure remote monitoring and alarm notification.




Specialized Products and Services
Highlands Electric will install lightning/transient surge arrestors in your home to help protect appliances, lighting fixtures, electronic devices and other susceptible equipment. We can also design, build and maintain custom monitoring and control systems for your particular application.


New Construction, Remodeling and Expansion Projects

Highlands Electric can perform electrical design, installation and inspection services for new residential construction projects. We also offer a full compliment of services for existing home owners including electrical demolition, service and load center upgrades, feeder and branch circuit additions, and other general electrical, lighting and appliance improvements.

Standby Power Systems
Highlands Electric can size, install and maintain standby generator systems for whole home or select-circuit usage to automatically maintain power within your residence in the event of a temporary loss of service or prolonged outage.







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Home Automation Solutions

Standby Power Systems

New Construction, Remodeling and

Expansion Projects

Specialized Products

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